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Wire mesh locker - three styles for your chose

Wire mesh locker provides a safe store place for personal and workers' article. It has the fixing brackets to be fixed on wall and has the holes on feet to be fixed on the floor. It can be made with or without doors. These are available in singles and nests of 2, 3 or 4 and with 1 to 6 doors. Every door is provided a hasp and staple locking device to allow for padlock. It is ideally used for school, hospital, food industry, work construction at drying room.

Many chrome wire mesh lockers are loaded in container

Wire mesh lockers in container


  • Material: low carbon steel.
  • Mesh opening: 25 × 25mm.
  • Wire diameter: 2.5mm.
  • Frame wire diameter: 8mm.
  • Foot height: 150mm.
  • surface treatment: galvanized, PVC coated or chromed.
  1. Standard locker size:
    • Height: 1980mm.
    • Width: 305mm, 450mm.
    • Depth: 380mm, 305mm, 450mm.
  2. Compartment locker size:
    • Height: 1360mm, 1390mm.
    • Width: 610mm, 775mm, 915mm, 1220mm, 1240mm, 1525mm, 1545mm.
    • Depth: 305mm, 405mm 457mm.
  3. Cupboard locker size:
    • 1980 H × 457 W × 457 D mm 3 shelves and single door.
    • 1360 H × 915 W × 457 D mm 5 shelves and double door.
    • 1980 H × 915 W × 457 D mm no shelves and double door.
    • 1980 H × 915 W × 457 D mm 2 shelves and double door.
    • 1980 H × 915 W × 457 D mm 3 shelves and double door.
One door open wire mesh locker

One door wire mesh locker

2 safety cloths and hats put in wire mesh locker

2 doors wire mesh locker

3 safety cloths and hats and 2 shoes put in wire mesh locker

3 doors wire mesh locker

One 8 wire compartments locker

8 wire compartment locker

Double door open wire cupboard locker

Double door wire cupboard locker

One chrome wire mesh locker foot details

Wire mesh locker foot with hole

One chrome wire mesh locker and keys details

Wire mesh locker lock detail


  1. Eco-friendly.
  2. Safe.
  3. Recyclable.
  4. With hook and rail in it.
  5. Front feet with holes.
  6. Ventilation.
  7. Ideal for drying environment.
  8. No maintenance.


Many cleaning tools put in wire cupboard locker

Wire cupboard locker for putting cleaning tools

Safety cloth hat ball and bag put in different color wire mesh locker

Different sizes and colors wire mesh locker

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